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About Cracked Teeth

MINT dentistry offers the advanced care needed to treat cracked teeth and other concerns that may affect the health and beauty of your smile. Often the result of oral trauma or frequent stress, such as from teeth clenching or grinding, cracked teeth may be painful and even impact your normal oral function. Cracks can occur on the teeth in various ways, such as in craze lines, a split tooth, a fractured cusp, or a vertical root fracture. The classification of the crack largely depends on its location and depth, which also helps our board-certified dentists determine the best treatment option. To fix a cracked tooth, it is important to get professional help from a skilled dentist as quickly as possible. Even though a crack in a tooth will not heal, the experienced practitioners at MINT dentistry in Houston, TX may be able to restore and save the tooth and bring comfort back to your smile.

Cracked Teeth Symptoms

A range of symptoms may help determine if a crack is present within a tooth. One of the most common symptoms is feeling discomfort whenever you bite down or chew. There may also be sensitivity when your tooth is exposed to hot and cold foods and beverages. Some individuals may experience a condition called cracked tooth syndrome, which is diagnosed when a tooth shows symptoms of a cracked tooth yet has no obvious damage. As a crack progresses, the tooth may cause further discomfort or become infected internally. When a cracked tooth is suspected, our MINT dentistry team will perform an exam and take digital x-rays to check for hidden damage. These diagnostic results will also be used to help identify the most ideal treatment option.

What to Expect With Cracked Teeth Treatment

At MINT dentistry, we take a personalized approach to fix cracked teeth and help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Overall, the goal of cracked teeth treatment is to prevent further breakdown of the tooth, protect the tooth from becoming infected, or resolve any current infection. We may recommend a tooth-colored filling or dental crown to repair a crack (and keep it from expanding) or to rebuild a fractured cusp. When a crack reaches the pulp (center) of the tooth, root canal therapy may be needed. Vertical root fractures or split teeth may be best addressed with endodontic surgery. When cracked teeth cannot be repaired or restored, a tooth extraction might be necessary to preserve your oral health and relieve discomfort.

Cracked Teeth Treatment Aftercare

Our MINT dentistry team will provide aftercare instructions tailored to the type of cracked teeth treatment you receive. It is best to avoid eating anything that might expand or reopen the crack, such as hard candy or ice. If the crack was created by nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism), we might recommend a custom night guard to help protect your teeth while you sleep. Maintaining an efficient home oral hygiene routine each day can help keep your mouth healthy and reduce the chance of infection. During your routine dental exam visits at MINT dentistry in Houston, TX, our practitioners will continue to assess the cracked tooth, as well as your overall oral health so that any concerns can be given prompt care.

The MINT Commitment

Procedures to repair cracked teeth are often considered medically necessary and may, therefore, be partially covered by dental insurance. Prior to your procedure, our insurance specialist will contact your carrier to review your plan and estimate any uncovered costs. Our practice proudly accepts several payment methods, including special medical financing. MINT dentistry is also dedicated to providing high-quality care to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Repair Cracked Teeth

Beyond any cosmetic issues, a cracked tooth can be uncomfortable and may lead to more extensive issues if it's not treated properly. At MINT dentistry, our exceptionally skilled dentists routinely diagnose and repair cracked teeth to help patients keep their smiles healthy, comfortable, and simply stunning. Schedule a visit at our Houston, TX practice, and explore your options for cracked teeth treatment.

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