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About Apicoectomy Treatment

As a premier destination for comprehensive care, MINT dentistry offers the advanced services needed to keep your smile looking brilliant and feeling healthy, even when teeth become infected. Root canal therapy ideally removes an infection from within a tooth. However, a tooth's roots often contain several tiny branches where bacteria may hide and cause further problems. If your tooth shows signs of an infection after you have had a root canal completed, the board-certified experts at MINT dentistry might suggest an apicoectomy. Often an effective and lasting solution, an apicoectomy removes an infected root tip and any inflamed bone tissue within the area. An apicoectomy (also known as endodontic microsurgery) can treat such a tooth without disturbing its function or cosmetic appearance. To explore an apicoectomy or other treatment options for teeth that are infected post-root canal treatment, please contact MINT dentistry in Houston, TX and reserve your consultation.

Best Candidates for an Apicoectomy

An ideal candidate for an apicoectomy may have received root canal treatment on a tooth, but the infection persists or has returned in the root tips. After you have root canal therapy, a crown or other restoration may be used to protect and strengthen the tooth. In some instances, this restoration might make another root canal or endodontic retreatment challenging to complete. Other patients may have tooth roots that curve or bend, making traditional root canal therapy difficult or even impossible. To evaluate your tooth, our MINT dentistry team will take advanced images of the area to better understand your condition. They can then explain your treatment options and determine the solution that best meets your dental needs and preferences.

What to Expect With Apicoectomy Treatment

Prior to starting your procedure at MINT dentistry, we will offer you a pair of Beats headphones and our signature MINT sunglasses to wear. While a local anesthetic will be used to numb your mouth, sedation dentistry methods also may be administered to help you feel even more at ease. One of our skilled dentists will start the treatment by making an incision in your gums to reveal the tooth's root. Any infected bone tissue will be cleared away, and the infected root tip will be carefully removed from the tooth. To make sure the infected areas are treated, a special dye may be applied to highlight tooth cracks or damage. Once your tooth root is sealed, we will close the gums with sutures and provide aftercare instructions.

Apicoectomy Aftercare

Following an apicoectomy, it is common to have some bruising, soreness, or numbness for about 3 – 5 days. You may be prescribed pain medication or antibiotics to take and instructed to apply cold compresses to your jaw to help minimize any swelling. While you are healing, is it important to avoid hard foods that may be uncomfortable to chew, like ice or nuts. We may have you to return to our office in 2 – 7 days to have your stitches taken out. Typically, your teeth and gums should be healed in about two weeks after the procedure, but it may take several months for the bone tissue to regenerate. We encourage you to maintain daily flossing and brushing and attend biannual cleaning visits at MINT dentistry so our team can monitor your oral health.

The MINT Commitment

An apicoectomy may be covered in part under some dental insurance policies. We will contact your insurance provider to estimate your coverage and inform you of any anticipated treatment costs. MINT dentistry accepts several convenient payment methods, including low-interest patient financing. At your consultation, our team can explain these options along with our MINT Discount Plan, which may help make your care even more affordable.

Advanced Apicoectomy Care

When a tooth remains infected after one or more root canal treatments, an apicoectomy from the skilled practitioners at MINT dentistry might offer a lasting solution. An apicoectomy removes the infected root tips to restore health while preserving the aesthetic appearance of a tooth. Get in touch with our office in Houston, TX for more information or to make a consultation with our distinguished MINT team.

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