Restore The Appearance of Your Teeth With Expert Whitening Techniques

benefits of teeth whitening

Many men and women want a gorgeous smile. As one element of reaching this goal, many are choosing dentist-performed teeth whitening. In-office teeth bleaching is a popular aesthetic dental procedure due to its many benefits beyond brighter teeth. Over-the-counter tooth whitening strips simply cannot equal the remarkable and longer-lasting results of dental teeth whitening.

Custom Treatments And Results

Generally, in aesthetic dental treatments, a generalized process does not work for every patient. Individuals' goals are often quite varied. Oral specialists apply their education and experience while looking over teeth to determine the source of any discoloration.

Further, the dentist will review any previous and future elective dentistry care or repairs you may undergo that could impact your optimal end result. For instance, it may be wise to delay receiving new crowns and porcelain veneers. This will allow your dentist to make crowns and veneers that blend with the color of your recently brightened, gleaming teeth. Tooth bleaching can be somewhat harder for people who already have veneers or crowns. Due to the fact that whitening sessions cannot erase stains on dental crowns or veneers, it will likely be necessary for your dentist to apply a few different techniques to guarantee that all of your teeth are an even color.

During your first visit, the dentist will establish a personalized whitening process that is appropriate for you. She or he can also tell you the likely number of whitening sessions required to accomplish the most beautiful outcomes.

Medical-Strength Teeth Whitening Systems

Store-bought teeth whitening supplies usually have a nominal component of whitening agents compared to processes utilized for professional teeth whitening. Also, burdensome tooth trays and annoying strips may produce irregular outcomes and ordinarily only brighten teeth one shade per use. Before a professional teeth whitening treatment, individuals can choose the precise degree of whiteness they wish to achieve.

At MINT dentistry in Houston Greenway, our group offers brief laser teeth whitening procedures using a technique called ZOOM for Houston, TX locals. ZOOM includes a special hydrogen peroxide-based gel that is applied to every tooth one by one. The unique gel is stimulated by a laser that enters the tooth and enhances the discolored enamel. This process could lift your teeth from 6 – 10 shades. Most dentists recommend that people who undergo laser teeth whitening treatments receive professional cleanings twice annually. This cleaning will help prevent additional frustrating stains and ensure your teeth remain healthy.

Say Goodbye To Tooth Discomfort

Sometimes, people who utilize pharmacy teeth whitening kits may experience tooth sensitivity after they put them on. This may take place if the hydrogen peroxide goes through the exterior of the teeth or if they buy whitening solutions with ill-fitting strips and trays that irritate the soft oral tissue. The trained dentists at MINT dentistry in Houston Greenway take careful steps to prevent these complications.

In each ZOOM laser whitening treatment at our Houston, TX facility, the gums and lips are covered to make sure that any whitening agents contact the teeth only. Afterward, your dental practitioner will administer the lightening solution to every single individual tooth. To cover the sensitive eyes from the diode-laser light, patients get protective glasses. Even though the procedure is very comfortable for most people, a topical anesthetic could be administered to reduce any worry or to calm the gag reflex.

Healthier, Easier Treatments

While over-the-counter whitening solutions usually do not pose safety concerns for many consumers, multiple attempts to bleach and brighten teeth without help from a dentist might lead to long-term tooth discomfort from sensitivity to heat and cold. Since it could take many weeks or even months to achieve obvious outcomes with over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions, sensitivity could be a problem. Specific varieties may fail completely to create a more radiant smile. Professional teeth bleaching techniques are overseen by dentists to make patients feel safe and make sure that the teeth and gums are protected throughout the treatment.

Enduring Results

Beyond the numerous other benefits of professional teeth whitening techniques, their results are apparent much longer relative to store-bought tooth whitening kits. Immediately after a whitening treatment and for at least 24 hours, we urge patients to refrain from eating and drinking any stain-inducing foods, such as tomato sauce, and beverages like colas. In addition, whenever feasible, use a paper straw for beverages that can stain the teeth.

After their ZOOM laser teeth whitening treatment, patients get a touch-up kit that consists of the whitening agent and personalized trays. These kits should be put to use around twice a year to help maintain the whiter look of your smile. At MINT dentistry in Houston Greenway, our crew recommends forming the best oral hygiene routines by consistently brushing and flossing any time you eat food or drink sugary or acidic beverages and before going to bed.

Elevated Self-Esteem and Attitude

Expertly whitened teeth should make much more than an appealing smile. Patients experience increased self-confidence after their teeth whitening, which helps them to grow more and more extroverted and function stronger in job environments, as well as in various social events. Whiter teeth will usually also erase years off of your face, helping you appear younger.

Rely On The Pros to Boost the Appeal of Your Smile

The life-changing results generated by dentist-performed teeth whitening treatments such as ZOOM and many others are unmatched in their abilities to greatly alter a person's appearance and, at the same time, increase self-confidence. We urge you to call MINT dentistry in Houston Greenway and arrange an exam with our highly trained Houston, TX aesthetic dental professionals, who can assist you in achieving a stunning smile.

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